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Build Your Small Business

Empower yourself to accomplish your business goals with our loans and consulting services.

Small Business Consulting Services

At Burkes Brothers, we’re dedicated to getting business owners on the path to success, starting from day one. We train smarter business owners who are willing to take action and put in the work to develop their companies. Owning a business is exciting and rewarding, and we’re proud to partner with clients who feel the same way. Our experienced team is skilled at elevating business ideas and providing the support needed to achieve profitable goals. We’re based in Huntington Beach, CA, but we offer our services nationwide with the help of modern technology. Reach out to us today and learn how you can get started building a better business.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Use our guidance to get your startup or small business off the ground. We’re driven to create exciting, successful companies by working with savvy, passionate business owners. Our team develops relationships with each of our clients as we strengthen their strategies and equip them to achieve their business goals. Burkes Brothers’ company values reflect our efforts and produce better business plans designed for long-term success.

Our Company Values

With Burkes Brothers, owning a business can be a fun, rewarding experience.
a group of people sitting at a table


Better ideas are the foundation of any good business, and hiring a consultant can help your ideas reach their full potential.

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Creativity isn’t enough on its own—our successful clients put in effort and work actively towards their goals.

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Small business owners are uniquely empowered to do what they love on a daily basis, and we value that personal joy and potential.

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Our work is results-oriented and we work with clients who take all the necessary steps to bring their plans to fruition.

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